samedi 27 août 2011

Water Rails : Sketching on diary book

I like sketching on used dairy books or new ones I got from friends, it's a kind of recycling and giving a new life to the papers. I observed this Water Rails quite far away with a scope while I was scaning a reed beds looking for Purple Swamphen.

Slender-billed Gull, Thyna saltpans

Black-headed Bush Shrike

The Black-headed Bush Shrike is one of the native birds in north Africa. Very shy and breeding localy in Tunisia and I had really very few encounter with this wonderful bird apart of its call which is relativly easy to hear in breeding season.  

vendredi 26 août 2011

Lapwings in the marshes

Lapwings are one of my favorite wintering birds, very colorful and mainly not moving too much for a sketching, This group was observed in cold day and bit windy at Borj Cedria marshes, north-east of Tunis and now completely covered with buildings, really a petty for a site quite rich with waterbirds ans where the Slender-billed curlew was recorded twice.

Lesser Kestrel

I have the habit to visit a breeding colony of a Lesser Kestre in the roman aquedcut of Mehamedia  near Tunis city. The biggest colony in the country (Tunisia). A breeding pair with the female in a hole and the male sitting just in front of it, it was an opportunity for sketching and painting them

Littles Terns at Thyna saltpans

I like very much sketching this bird, as summer visitor it is quite common as breeding bird around wetlands and lagoons.